SEO Website for RV Altitude

So here are the steps to be different when you are using SEO to get buyers for RV Altitude

  1. Creating an identity (Brand) – Get your own domain name, get your own logo or your own face (Professional done). Tell people who you are, what you are, why you are in this industry, tell a story, people love to hear stories.
  2. Craft out the advantages of buying RV Altitude compared to other condos, be as specific as possible, make your own stand on why it is better. Using numbers when possible.
  3. Create one method to contact you, either a mobile number, email, forms etc. Do not use multiple channels. Do not confuse buyers.
  4. Remember to put your company name and address, it adds credibility to Google.
  5. Put multiple condo projects or new launch projects on the same website is perfectly fine. (Go to point 6)
  6. Seperate your domain page in names, for example ,, etc.
  7. Add a Google map for RV Altitude, if you think Google map API is too complex, use,if you are too lazy to go to the URL above, here is the embedded code:

<style>.mapouter{text-align:right;height:500px;width:600px;}.gmap_canvas {overflow:hidden;background:none!important;height:500px;width:600px;}</style></div>

Social media Method to Create Awareness for your RV Altitude Webpage (Links)

Facebook – Your objective now is to let Google knows your website is good value and popular, you can write some description related to RV Altitude and put the link to your webpage. About 30 to 50 words will be good enough, remember to insert the webpage URL, this will create a “LINK” to your website.

This will have 1 point! Get your friends and fellow mates to help to LIKE, comment and share also. Remember the objective is not to get people to visit the website from Facebook, the objectives are the get more POINTS. The more engagement you have for that post you create, the more points you have. Points given by other people will be more valuable compared to doing the comment, Like and share by YOURSELF.

Move on to Linkedin and Twitter, do the same thing.

Repeat the process a few times per week, each time talking about your RV Altitude Webpage differently.

Eventually, after some weeks or month, you will start to see your ranking to get momentum. Congrats, you are on the 1st step to be on the 1st page of


Dougles Chan – SEO Coach


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