Using Photos of RV Altitude in the website

Extract from the following post

Well, most people will just copy and upload the photos from the developer’s website and hope that you will impress Google and potential buyers. Below are some samples got from Google image, yes, these are photos of RV Altitude that anyone can grab from the internet.

Let us be very practical, if you are doing NORMAL things, you will NEVER impress Google and more importantly, the buyers, do not just be just another RV Altitude URL and RV Altitude webpage that basically give ZERO values.

The SAME information can be found EVERYWHERE!!!

So my question to you is:

What makes you so different that the buyers need to buy from you?

What makes you so special that Google needs to rank you HIGH UP in

No, there is no reason for so. Hence if you are to use the same old method you think is “best”, your effort to create a website for RV Altitude and SEOing for RV Altitude will go down the drain very fast. There are so many people copying one another somewhat.

So the point is. You need to give VALUE, you need to create an IDENTITY and you need to make the WHY people must BUY from you.

Article by Dougles Chan – A professional SEO Coach in Singapore


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